For best print quality your setting should be at 1200×1200 DPI on vivid

There is no need to worry about cleaning the heads, The printer’s default setting is set to auto clean.

Yes, you can change the location of the printer without damaging the heads.

On your printer go to menu > maintenance > head cleaning > all heads.

This printer is in a closed system. It should not clog.

1 year as long as it is in a closed system.

New edible ink should be stored at room temperatures between 52-80 F

Edible images printed on chocolate should not be frozen, condensation can cause the ink to smudge/smear. Rice paper should be stored in a sealed bag, on a flat surface away from excessive heat and humidity.

Chocolate that’s kept at an ideal temperature and away from the sun is good for up to a year.

Store in a cool, dry place. Temperature should be below 70 degrees Fahrenheit, and at a humidity of less than 55%.

We will swap out your printer (provide a new one in exchange for the original one) as long as is not physically damaged.

Yes, $890 per year.