If this Product is believed to be defective during the Return Policy Period (14 days), Coco Loco Inkjet Support will first attempt to diagnose and resolve technical defects via telephone communications. If Coco Loco Inkjet Support determines that the repair cannot be accomplished over the telephone, a like replacement product will be shipped at no charge within 72 hours.
The original unit must be returned in accordance with the instructions provided inside the original shipping box.

In providing service to this Product, Coco Loco Inkjet may use new or equivalent to new parts, assemblies, or products for equal or improved quality. All defective parts, assemblies, and Products become the property of Coco Loco Inkjet.
These policies shall not apply to any defect, failure or damage caused by improper use or inadequate or improper maintenance and care. In addition, Coco Loco Inkjet shall not be obligated under this return policy.

Note: In case of damage during shipping please DO NOT OPEN THE BOX AND IMMEDIATELY CONTACT COCO LOCO INKJET FOR FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS AT [email protected] or 561-705-1090